The name is usually humorous and creative, matching the restaurant’s proposal.

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A trend that has been emerging in recent times is specific
chicken restaurants, which are mostly in delivery services.
It is a meat widely consumed in Brazil, so if you are thinking of
opening a restaurant in this style, you need to have good
production and product choices!
Chicken is prepared and sold in different ways, but the most
famous and Brazilian way of being fast-food is the fried chicken
in a bucket, which you may have already seen somewhere.
Finally, we have the popular restaurants, those that we find
easily and have a varied menu at affordable prices, not to
mention traditional desserts!
For these restaurants there is no standard name to follow, they
are chosen according to the taste and strategy of each owner.
You may have noticed that the names we’ve suggested so far
may not be the best fit for your establishment if it’s not
In the case of restaurant chains, for example, and businesses
that have a vision of growth and coverage of larger territories,
the use of names is a little more complex and will require the
hiring of a specialist.

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